John Mulkerin - "Keep up the good work producing the finest wads in the industry. They are the best wads I have ever used in my 50 years of reloading."
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Matt from TN
I have been using Claybuster wads for a while. I love the products and am proud to be reloading them. --- Matt from Knoxville, TN
Larry from AZ

Shot Sporting clays with your .410 wad (CB5050-410HS) this morning. I only shot the first 5 stations with 4 shots per station with it as I didn't want to have too many loaded up if there was a problem. No problem whatsoever.

The ones I hit within around 20 yards came close to being smoked, the ones beyond that were solid breaks with my longest successful shot being around 40 yards, and that broke into quite a few chunks.

So, it's a keeper. I just ordered 1,000 of these wads from Precision Reloading as my local Sportsman's Warehouse didn't have 'em in stock.

Thanks a million for all your support and help, Larry from Gilbert, AZ

LJ from OR

I use your WAA replacements in 12,20, 28 and .410 with perfect results. --- LJ from Grants Pass, OR

Tom from VA

Tom is such a big Claybuster Wad fan that he decorated his remote control plane with our stickers.


Steve from PowerFactor TV
I’ve enjoyed using your products over the years. You are offering a great wad at an outstanding price point. --- Steve from PowerFactor TV

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