Ranger Six from Colville, WA - "I use Claybuster Wads exclusively for my cowboy action shooting and trap, a great product."
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Frank from FL

The CB4100-12 on skeet is a killer. Thanks for such a great product. --- Frank from Ocala, FL

Steve from PowerFactor TV

I’ve been using your wads since the early 90’s.  I started out using the CB1118-12 wad with 1 1/8oz loads and then switched to the CB1100-12 wad when I first started experimenting with reduced recoil 1oz. loads (1994) and then having recently gotten back into shotgun sports have been using the CB1100-12 wad for 7/8 oz. loads.  I’ve enjoyed using your products over the years. You are offering a great wad at an outstanding price point. --- Steve from PowerFactor TV

Wesley from FL

I am currently using your CB0178-12 and CB1100-12 wads and I am quite pleased.  My neighbor and I would like to try a sampling of your CB1075-12 (3/4 oz 12ga) wads, as we have heard very good things about them as well. Thanks for making great products at a reasonable price! --- Wesley from Fleming Island, FL

Elmo from CA

Ron, thanks for prompt reply on sample wads. Loaded, shot, and chronographed all the samples. I ordered 2 cases of your wads already. Dusted the Dusters! Very happy with your company. Happy holidays. --- Elmo from Nipomo, CA

Joe from WI

My reason for writing this morning is to thank you for the amazing customer service. There are a lot of companies out there that could take lessons from you guys. I'm of the age where customer service still means something in a world where it doesn't seem to matter. I would hope that our company treats it's customers the way you treat yours. I would like to reward you by starting to buy my supplies directly from you, but I guess I'll have to start buying from one of your distributors. From now on, all the 20 gauge & 410 wads will be Claybuster. Thanks for taking the time yesterday. --- Joe from Appleton, WI


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