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Jason from NC

Thank you for making excellent products. --- Jason from Pilot Mountain, NC

Carolyn from AL

Thank you for the samples! They arrived very quickly and I have already had the chance to load them. I don't know if I am more excited with the 20 ga. or the 12 ga. version, but I do know that I will be placing an order with Grafs for both. These not only worked as I had hoped, but they will serve to save expensive shot and filler wads.

So far I have purchased every wad that I have received samples from Claybuster as they just plain deliver! I don't even know why I feel the need to request samples of your wads anymore, but still am grateful that you offer them.
I'm very happy to support a company that supports their customers not only by offering us samples, but by offering superior products at the lowest possible prices. --- Carolyn from Wattsville, AL

William from MA

I have been a big fan of your wads. I currently use 1078-20,1100-12, 0178-12 and 5050-410HS. --- William from Danvers,MA

Terry from WA

That CB1075-20 is Awesome. The crimps are perfect. --- Terry from Milton, WA

Jeff from NC

I am presently using the CB1075-20 wads to shoot in 20 gauge events and love them.

Thanks for all you do for the skeet shooting world.  --- Jeff from Hudson, NC


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