Ranger Six from Colville, WA - "I use Claybuster Wads exclusively for my cowboy action shooting and trap, a great product."
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Doug from OH
I've been using your CB 8100-12 for a few years now and love the way it loads and the great patterns it produces. --- Doug from Dayton, OH
James from AR

I emailed you with questions about the CB6118 wads. Not only did you answer my questions but sent me some sample wads. That’s customer service!! The CB6118  worked great and I now use the CB6118 and CB6100 for all my straight wall hulls. The data included on the web page and in the bags of wads is great. So far I’ve used these wads in Federal, Rio, and Estate hulls with great success….I also use CB wads on Rem and Win hulls. Great products!



James from Magnolia, AR

Bud's Testimonial

I love the CB1100-12 wads. I am switching to 1-1/8 oz. loads and sticking with CB Wads. CB1118-12 or CB0118-12 --- Bud

Jerry from Kenosha

I only use CB Wads and wouldn't buy any OEM wads. Your wads perform and pricing is much better. --- Jerry from Kenosha, WI

Larry from IL

I have been using your wads (12,20 & 28) for several years and love them.  Thanks for a great product. ---  Larry from IL


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