Rudy from Hendersonville, NC "You folks make a superior wad that I have highly recommended to both family and friends."
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Elmer from OR
I loaded these wads in AA shells, Win primers and 16.9 grains of H-Clays. The crimp was nice and crisp. I shot these in a Browning Citori Lightning, a pretty heavy O/U and all shots reset the trigger for the second shot. The shells Broke clays fine with an IC and LF choke. I will be ordering these wads to load for Skeet. Thank you for the chance to try these wads. --- Elmer from Salem, OR
Rob from GA
I wanted to tell you how much I like the CB2100-12 for Federal hulls. Although, I load Remington mostly and a few Winchester AA hulls in 12 gauge as my main shells, but these Federal papers with your wads make a perfect crimp and solidly tight load. They make BEAUTIFUL reloads that shoot great. --- Rob from Suwannee, GA
Larry from WI
Larry from Salem, WI "I've used strictly Claybuster for 20 plus years and it is definitely a quality product at a reasonable price."
Travis from SD
I proudly support your company and the products you produce and sell. --- Travis from Gettysburg, SD
Tim from VA
I am just passing along the good work of these Claybuster Wads. I was using the Remington SP12 for my 1 1/4 oz hunting loads & I was sent a sample of the Claybuster CB3118-12AR, so I loaded them all up (25 a sample pack). My son & I went to see if they would shoot as good as the Remington SP12 that I have been using for years. We started shooting at 25 yards & you would just have to see how tight the pattern was using this Claybuster CB3118. I couldn't hardly believe it! I have a Remington Model 870 Express Magnum 3" chamber 28" barrel & it just shocked me how much tighter the Claybuster Wads pattern was next to the Remington SP12. Needless to say, I have switched to Claybuster Wads & they come in bags of 500 & the Remington SP12 only come in a bag of 250. So this is a win win for me & my 870 & the only ones who will not like this are the squirrels…..I hunt with my 870 & now powered by Claybuster Wads. I am 100% SOLD on Claybuster Wads & if you would give them a try you would be also Claybuster all the way. For me they load as smooth as silk. Get’em & Use them you won’t regret it! --- Tim from VA

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