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Joe from IL
I love the CB0175-12 for shooting skeet. By going to 3/4 oz loads I have to be more accurate and have been able to accomplish that. I love the lighter loads. Keep up the good work. --- Joe from Maryville, IL
Armand from NY
The samples you provided along with the literature arrived - thank you again. I have used them and was impressed at the quality and product consistency. Impressed so much so, I just now returned from a local reload/gun shop with four 500 bags of your Claybuster 12 gauge product. You have a newly acquired customer - thanks again for the technical support and product sample. --- Armand from Glenville, NY
Tim from FL

Thanks for the CB5050-410HS sample pack you sent me. The first thing I noticed was the quality; uniform, no injection "flash" and a great fit into the Remington STS cases. --- Tim from FL

CPT Ray Carney, SF

CPT Ray Carney, SF "I must tell you that Claybuster is the ONLY wad I use. Great product, great prices, thank you."

Tom from AZ
Been using your wads for years and when I saw the new 3/4 ounce 12 ga wad I jumped on it. Boy, that wad really grinds up skeet targets in my Beretta with Cyl chokes and reclaimed shot. What a terrific job!! Thanks for your pioneering effort. --- Tom from Tucson, AZ

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