Robert from Coraopolis, PA "The CB6118-12 wads you sent worked absolutely spectacular in those Activ hulls. They ran perfect in my Spolar with no adjustments needed. The crimp was text book and the shot patterned perfectly."
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Sanjay from KY
Just wanted to say thank you for the sample. I'm well into my first full bag and these light little rounds have been tearing up some targets at the league every week. Wonderful product! --- Sanjay from Louisville, KY
Dave from NY
Dave from Olean, NY on the CB0175-12 "These wads are the best thing since apple pie. At 16yds they smoke targets if I do my part."
Ron from WA
Ron, I just wanted to say thank you for the two samples you provided. I finally had a chance to pattern and velocity test all the loads I had with the samples. I liked the initial test performance so much I actually bought more of them to do more testing. I compared them right next to my known Remington and Winchester wads in five different hulls, three different shot sizes, three different primers, and at least five different powders. I am a Claybuster customer now without a question. I can buy twice the number of wads with always equal and at times better patterns with no velocity loss. It's a no brainer with today’s component costs. --- Ron from Brewster, WA
Bill from WY
WOW! You folks provide what I would call, “Awesome” customer service! I loaded 25 shells using the sample wads you sent this past weekend and they look just like they came from the factory! --- Bill from Wheatland, WY
Rick from CO
Your company makes the best wads, we couldn't get along without them. Most of us could not afford to shoot skeet without reloading our own shells. Keep up the good work! --- Rick from Longmont, CO

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