John Mulkerin - "Keep up the good work producing the finest wads in the industry. They are the best wads I have ever used in my 50 years of reloading."
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Doug from GA
I just finished loading the last of my high-brass compression formed Winchester hulls. I have plenty more of the low brass 8-point stashed away. My wad of choice for 16 gauge target loads is the CB0078-16. It is very consistent and always gives great ignition. Thanks for looking out for us shooters with a quality product at a great price.
Eric from Blauvelt, NY
I'm excited to give the CB0175-12 a try. I've been using various other wads from you guys with great results. Thanks for making a superior product and offering it at half the cost of factory wads.
Joe from Holyoke, MA
Thank you for the great web info on 3/4 oz. loads in 12 ga. hulls-----super!! Your CB0175-12 wads make beautiful and dependable reloads and save a ton of lead $. Your company makes a very nice product at an affordable price-keep up the good work.
Ron from WA
I just wanted to say thank you. There are still people who appreciate quality and won’t compromise on discount shells. We are some of those people and your products are quality and affordable. Here is a picture of our winter break quail hunt and these two use your CB1078. Thanks for a great product and helping the shooting community. Ron O.
Shelly from OK
We have received the 16 ga sample wads and they are working out great. Thank you for providing those. --- Shelley from OK

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