Ranger Six from Colville, WA - "I use Claybuster Wads exclusively for my cowboy action shooting and trap, a great product."
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Jason from Moncks Corner, SC
Thank you for the samples! I was able to get them loaded rather quickly before I got out to shoot skeet recently. The shots all patterned well. I am quite happy with the performance of the loads using this wad. I can tell you for sure that I will be placing additional orders for more reloading supplies. These not only worked as I had hoped, but they are shaping up to save on the expenses of shot and filler wads. I shared the information with a small group of friends that I regularly shoot with. Based on the shared feedback, ya'll now have three new customers.
Russell from Croydon, NH
I have been using the CB0178-12 for Cowboy Action for several years and love them. They shoot very well and give me a great pattern.
Gary from Westcliffe, CO
I received the wads, which came very fast. All of them loaded very well. I was able to go out and pattern them on paper and shoot a few clays. They are great wads and work quite well. Thank you very much for the service. You guys have been great. By the way I just ordered cases of these wads from Powder Valley.
Shawn from Akron, OH
First of all, thank you for making a great product at a great price. I use Claybuster Wads pretty much exclusively for shooting trap and informal clays, they are my favorite wads. I especially appreciate that you make a good wad for my favorite gauge, the sweet 16, as good wads in that gauge are not easy to find. Again, thank you for a great product and for being such a great company to do business with. I am a very satisfied customer and plan to use many more of your wads this upcoming clays season.
Jim from Lititz, PA
I applaud your product and they are all I use in skeet for all the gauges. Thanks again for a great product.

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