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Mike from CT
I've been shooting registered skeet for 2 years now. I exclusively use Claybuster Wads for the quality and value which they represent. I attended the NSSA World Shoot for the first time and happened to break my first 100 straight in the 20 gauge. The CB-1078 will be in all of my 20 gauge reloads from this moment on. --- Mike from Hamden, CT
Richard from NE
I wanted to thank you for sending those samples of your CB0175-12 wads. I look forward to trying them. This example of good old-fashioned customer service has assured you of my business in the future. I've used your CB1100-12 wads for years, and I will go out of my way to use your wads for the various shot weights that I load. Good customer service is rare enough these days; thanks again for your courtesy. --- Richard from Omaha, NE
Jim from NY
Jim from Rochester, NY "I've been using your CB-1100 & CB-1078 wads for years. Thank you for great products!"
Drew from PA

I have been using your CB1118-12 for a while (about 20,000 reloads!) and have had great results with it. --- Drew from Coraopolis, PA

Matthew from OK
I have been using your wads now for many, many years exclusively.  I feel they pattern better than some of the factory wads, and I really mean that.
Your reputation for wads is top notch and I know we could expect that from any wad you develop. --- Matthew from Wewoka, OK

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