Rudy from Hendersonville, NC "You folks make a superior wad that I have highly recommended to both family and friends."
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Snowhawk Distributors
Jerry at Snowhawk Distributors in Alaska: "We sell more Claybuster wads than all the rest together in my inventory."
Scott from AL
"Your wads are absolutely perfect and they fit the hulls like a glove. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I will never buy wads from another manufacturer" Scott from Pell City, AL
John Gartner
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazed I have been with the quality of your products. I have used thousands, and I mean thousands of your Claybuster CB1100-12 wads over the last 5 years since I began to reload. I am amazed that I have NEVER ! NEVER, seen a defective wad in the bags I have consumed.

In my business (C/1000's) "Conditions per 1000"  of making high volume engines for Chrysler a true "zero defect"  rate is our goal, and although an engine is not a wad. I am sure you make a few but what a process of detection and containment you must have! You have taken the concept of protecting your customer to a new level in my eyes. I am truly amazed by your levels of quality.

Please tell your production team(s) that people do pay attention to this quality, and for me it just makes me smile. As I load, and I look at that mass of "thin plastic" and it does not have one partially molded part ......unreal ! Perfect ! That's all I say.

John Gartner from MI

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