Rudy from Hendersonville, NC "You folks make a superior wad that I have highly recommended to both family and friends."
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Mike from TX

WOW!  I thought I would have to wait several days for a reply IF I received one.
But to get a reply in 28 minutes!!!!!  That is unbelievable!!!!!

Thank you for such outstanding customer service. -
Mike from Universal City, TX

Lee from WA
I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent on helping me with my first shotgun reloading problem. I have been reloading for many years and just recently got into shotgun. I will use and continue to use your products in the future. Your company sells a good product but it is a special company that delivers the customer support you have demonstrated to me. The time you took to make me feel like you really care will be well rewarded in future business both by me and the gun club I belong to.  I have ordered my wads and want to say thanks again.  - Lee from Gig Harbor, WA
Tom from CA
I like your new 3/4 oz 20 ga wad!! It crimps like a dream and smokes targets! Perfect fit! Thanks Again for great products. - Tom in CA
Bill in MA
I have been a big fan of your wads. I currently use 1078-20,1100-12, 0178-12 and 5050-410HS. Ready to try out the new 1075-20 gauge. - Bill from Danvers, MA
John from Portland
I load about 5000 rounds a year in 12,20,28 and .410 combined and use only Claybuster Wads. Very happy! - John from Portland, CT

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