Rudy from Hendersonville, NC "You folks make a superior wad that I have highly recommended to both family and friends."
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Bill from NE

Today I got a bag of your CB1114 wads. WOW- they work great. --- Bill from NE

Jim from MT

I finally had an opportunity to try out the 20 gauge wads.  I was very impressed with both the 1075-20 and the 1078-20.  The 7/8oz work like a champ- after shooting them I purchased a case of 5000 from our gun club.  I also talked my 2 shooting partners into getting cases on order for their 20’s (I have a lot of reloading to do now!!!!)

I thank you for producing an excellent product at a reasonable price!  --- Jim from Bozeman, MT

Doug from GA

I started shooting 3/4 oz. 20 gauge loads in the late 70’s in an effort to save on shot, and to challenge myself.  Over the years, I’ve tried bottom filler wads, top wads, and other solutions to the abundance of space in the case. Most recently, after some experimentation with crimp starter and crimp die adjustment, I’d been using your CB 1078-20 without adding fillers.  I had pretty good success, but an occasional shell would still end up a “leaker”, and most of the crimps were dished.  A friend told me you’d solved the problem with your CB 1075-20, and I immediately bought a couple of thousand.  With no other changes to my loader or load, I started cranking out 20’s with that wild green wad, and they look and shoot beautifully.


Thanks for doing what no other manufacturer has done for us shooters!  I hope you make them for a long, long time.

Doug from Varnell, GA

Rich from PA

First off thank you for a great product.  I’ve been shooting CB wads for years and the performance is factory. - Rich from PA

Jon from MN

I think you guys definitely have a winning product on your hands with your CB1075-20 wad. I loaded up the samples you sent me with a couple different recipe's they shot beautifully. I also ordered a 1,000 and tried some other recipe's and shot those today. All of them patterned well and smashed the birds. They load and work great. I am switching to these wads for all my skeet shooting from now on. I wish more companies conducted business as well as you guys do. Jon from Owatonna, MN


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