Jerry from PA

You donated couple thousand CB-1075-20 ¾ oz wads for our 2012 Youth Field Days, on the first weekend in June we ran 300 kids and around 100 adults through the shooting sports which included trap shooting and the use of your wads. I want to add to that many times in the past the kids would only take one shot due to the fear of recoil, well I can say that the wads you supplied made a profound difference in the kids trying the trap event!! There were many times where the kids would take their turn [ 3 shots ] only to return to the back of the line to repeat the cycle 3 to 5 times before they moved on to the next event!!! Your support and donation of the wads truly made a difference in bringing some of the youth shooters into the shooting sports, and the adults took notice as well to the benefits of reloading and recoil reduction all across the shotgun games. I fielded questions all day about your products and the benefits of reloading. Thanks again for your donation and support. --- Jerry from Duncansville, PA



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