John Mulkerin - "Keep up the good work producing the finest wads in the industry. They are the best wads I have ever used in my 50 years of reloading."

CB4100-12 Testimonials

Kelly from Marietta, GA
I’ve went through my first bag of CB4100’s using the following recipe and I must say I’ve been very pleased. Thinking of using this as the mainstay. I’ve also been very happy with the CB0178 wads too.

Remington STS hull or GC
Rem STS209 primer
17.5 grains Titewad
7/8 ounce of shot
CB4100 wad

Very close to 1250fps according to Hodgdon site

Very pleased. Has a report that sounds and has a feel of authority. Knocks down targets well using U1 and U2 Optima chokes.
Frank from Ocala, FL
The CB4100-12 on skeet is a killer. Thanks for such a great product.
Craig from Waupaca, WI
I have been using your CB4100-12 (Lighting) 12 ga wads with excellent results for trap now for several years. It is by far my favorite wad now for 16 yd trap.
Tony from New Bedford, MA
Your CB4100-12 makes the best 1 oz load, better than factory. Keep up the great work.
Alex from Stoneham, MA.
Ron, thank you for getting back to me so quickly - and on a Saturday no less! The technical info on the CB4100-12 was exactly what I needed.


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