Robert from Coraopolis, PA "The CB6118-12 wads you sent worked absolutely spectacular in those Activ hulls. They ran perfect in my Spolar with no adjustments needed. The crimp was text book and the shot patterned perfectly."

CB1100-12 Testimonials

Jim from Rochester, NY
Jim from Rochester, NY "I've been using your CB-1100 & CB-1078 wads for years. Thank you for great products!"
Wesley from Fleming Island, FL
I am currently using your CB0178-12 and CB1100-12 wads and I am quite pleased.
Patrick (State Champ) from Suwanee, GA
Patrick pictured here and his SCTP team did very well at GA SCTP Sporting Clays Championship. Patrick and his 2 squad mates are State Champs in Intermediate Entry class. Patrick was 2 HOA and had to win a three way shoot off to earn that. He used 12 ga 1 ounce 1200 fps reloads for the past several weeks that were made with your CB 1100-12 pink wads. Great soft shooting load that really crushes them.
John Gartner from MI
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazed I have been with the quality of your products. I have used thousands, and I mean thousands of your Claybuster CB1100-12 wads over the last 5 years since I began to reload. I am amazed that I have NEVER ! NEVER, seen a defective wad in the bags I have consumed.

In my business (C/1000's) "Conditions per 1000" of making high volume engines for Chrysler a true "zero defect" rate is our goal, and although an engine is not a wad. I am sure you make a few but what a process of detection and containment you must have! You have taken the concept of protecting your customer to a new level in my eyes. I am truly amazed by your levels of quality.

Please tell your production team(s) that people do pay attention to this quality, and for me it just makes me smile. As I load, and I look at that mass of "thin plastic" and it does not have one partially molded part ......unreal ! Perfect ! That's all I say.
Tim from Manhattan, KS
I'm currently using your CB1100-12 with great success. I'm on my 5th case and will only use Claybuster products.


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